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Dokumentinis filmas apie LK: "Waiting for Invasion"

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  • Dokumentinis filmas apie LK: "Waiting for Invasion"

    Nustebino, kad iš visų televizijų tokį filmą susuko ne BBC ar CNN, bet... Al Jazeera.

    Filmo pristatymas iš Al Jazeera Youtube kanalo:

    Only 25 years after gaining independence from Russia, Lithuania is fearful of occupation again. The airspace above the Baltic states has seen regular incursions by Russian military aircraft since Russia annexed the Crimea. And the armed conflict that has been raging in eastern Ukraine for nearly three years has left people wondering if Lithuania could be next.

    This documentary tells the story of two young Lithuanians getting ready to defend their country in case the unimaginable happens and Russia invades. But the film is not about the war, it is about peace and the people who are willing to fight to preserve it.
    Nesu didelis šios televizijos fanas ar, juo labiau žiūrovas, bet malonu, kad nepasibodėjo padaryti kažką tokio. Puiki iniciatyva ir labai naudinga LIetuvos žinomumui ir įvaizdžiui.

    The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting - Sun Tzu