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    • The next unexpected exercise:
      Reservists whose units are called up are obligated to report immediately to their designated assembly point.

      The 658 reservists called up Thursday are being summoned to the exercise in two parts: 622 will be participating in a traditional snap exercise from January 26-29, and 36 will be participating in a flexible snap exercise from January 26 through February 23.

      36 participants will be kept on standby at the reserve study gathering
      Pevkur: What's different about lightning is that for the first time in history, we're trying to play through it when we need to ensure flexible readiness. In other words, 36 men will remain on standby for a whole month, i.e. until February 23.

      In essence, this means that they will be allowed back to work and families after Thursday's blitz. But they have to be ready with a two-hour response time.

      If there is a need to keep larger units on standby for a longer period of time so that we don't burden the Estonian economy too much - that's why we do it.

      I emphasize: a very big request to the companies concerned - do not create obstacles when men are invited to the study meeting. By now the invitations have gone out and people should actually be packing.​
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