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    Aukštos parengties Suomijos kariuomenės junginio nautrauka. Pagrinde iš šauktinių.

    Man kažkodėl atrodo, kad dalis apsiavę aukštais guminiais gal vietovė labai pelkėta. Nors apskritai uniformų kamufliažas tiesiog susilieja su gamtos spalvomis. Net ne iš karto matosi ant tankų stovintys kariai.

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      Didžiausio kalibro Suomijos pabūklas 305 mm


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        Pasirodo, kad tai ne vien muziejinis eksponatas. Dar gali ir pykštelėti.
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          Vakar Suomijoje traukinys įvažiavo į kariuomenės sunkvežimį - 4 žuvę, iš jų 3 kareiviai:

          Four killed, 11 injured as train collides with army truck in Finland
, 2017.10.26

          Nepasisekė sunkvežimiui Sisu A2045 - visgi čia jums ne Patria AMV... Beje abejose nuotraukose sprendžiant iš numerio yra tas pats sunkvežimis:


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            Originally posted by Jonas Peržiūrėti pranešimą
            Didžiausio kalibro Suomijos pabūklas 305 mm
            Šiek-tiek informacijos apie šiuos pabūklus:

            In the image there is Finnish coastal artillery 305/52 O2 twin gun firing. The guns are located in Kuivasaari, an island just south of Helsinki.
            The guns were assembled in early 1930's from WWI era Russian 305 mm L52 Obuhov railroad guns placed in a heavily armored casemate (armor in excess of 300 mm RHA in original construction). The twin gun turret became operational 12th May 1934, and during WWII it served as one of the main weapons to prevent Soviet ships sailing in the Gulf of Finland.
            Using standard WWII ammunition the guns had a range of 42 km with its 500 kg weighing shells; due to the usage as coastal artillery the elevation was limited to lower angles, hence it could not utilise the full 50 km range the Obuhov railroad guns could. The twin turret had a crew of 5 officers, 26 NCOs and 62 enlisted men.
            In this image you can see the twin barrels with some people around to compare.
            The guns were in use until the 1970's, but were then taken out of use due to aging electronics. They were renovated in the late 1980's, and have since been museum pieces where people can occasionally take tours. They also are used to fire blank 500 l water shells for honorary uses. In this video you can see it firing twice to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Helsinki as the Finnish capital.
            Beje pasirodo suomiai iki šiol naudoja stacionarią pakrančių apsaugos artileriją:

            Finland actually still uses and actively trains troops for the Tampella 130 53 TK coastal artillery cannons. They're 130 mm L53 cannons installed between 1984 and 1990, in small casemates on top of small bedrock mined positions. There are also many fake but identical looking dummy turrets to make destroying them more expensive and somewhat harder.
            They can be seen on this video (at around 9:35 onwards), which tells about Finnish coastal forces.
            Of course the main anti-ship systems are missile based, but those newer coastal artillery pieces are still somewhat useful especially in area denial, given that the fake units make destroying all of them too expensive.
            Minėtas suomių mokomasis ar propagandinis video, kuriame matosi Tampella 130 53 TK pabūklų naudojimas:

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              Suomija perka papildomą NLAW partiją už 32 mln dolerių.
              Kiek pamenu, prieš tai pirkta partija su MILLOG termovizoriais kainavo apie 40 mln. Vienetų skaičius 2500. Įtariu ir dabar panašų skaičių perka.


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                A firing exercise of the Finnish Army, Exercise Pohjoinen 17 has ended. The exercise will be organised in the exercise area of Rovajärvi from 13 to 24 November 2017.
                Altogether 4 400 soldiers and 800 vehicles participated in the exercise from the Finnish Defence Forces and the Finnish Border Guard.
                Related to the Exercise Pohjoinen 17 and as part of Nordic NORDEFCO cooperation between Finland, Sweden and Norway, an artillery cooperation exercise of the Armies of the respective countries, the NORTHER17 Exercise, was also organised. The NORTHER17 Exercise brings brought 200 participating soldiers from Sweden and Norway to Finland.
                During the Exercise Pohjoinen 17, the exercise activities involved inspecting the training level of the participating troops, practicing concentration of troops as well as training Army troops’ use of support fires. The peak of the exercise witnessed firing, with combat troops being supported by concentrated use of support fires by national and international firing units.
                Kaip suprantu švedai į pratybas "Archer" atsivežė - žr. 1:29-1:33.


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                  Suomijos kariuomenė užsisakė 4 vnt. vietinės gamybos MRAPų PMPV 6X6 MiSu testavimui:

                  The PMPV (Protected MultiPurpose Vehicle) 6x6 MiSu is a wheeled armoured personnel carrier in the category of MRAP vehicle designed, developed and manufactured by Protolab a Defense Company based in Finland. Protolab is specialized in the development of custom-made ballistic protection for military and civilian vehicles. The project of the PMPV 6x6 MiSu was started in 2009 involved the collaboration of the Lappeenranta University of Technology for the Research and development part. The vehicle has performed first trial test during 800 km and other tests are planned in Finland during winter 2015. The vehicle is based on the characteristics and the needs requested by the Finnish and Swedish Ministries of Defense. The first prototype of the vehicle was unveiled in September 2015 by the Protoloab under the name of PMPV 6x6 MiSu. The Company Protolab expects to start the first production of the vehicle at the end of 2016 with the possibility to produce 50 to 100 vehicles per year. According to some rumors, the Finnish Army could be the first customer for the PMPV 6x6 MiSu. The vehicle is the first MRAP in its class which has the capacity to be fully amphibious. On December,12, 2017, the Finnish Defence Force Logistics Command has received a mandate from Minister of Defence Jussi Niinistö to order Protected Multipurpose Vehicles (PMPV) MiSu manufactured by the Finnish Company Protolab Oy for field trial tests. The vehicle will be tested by the Finnish Defence Forces in field conditions during 2018-2020. The contract value of this order was around of EUR 4 million.

                  One machine gun up to 12.7mm caliber or 40mm automatic grenade launcher.

                  2 + 10
                  Talpus vienok...


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                    Suomijos laivynas po 7 dešimtmečių vėl turės torpedas.

                    Sweden and Finland initiate cooperation regarding torpedo systems for anti-submarine warfare


                    Čia plačiau.


                    Torpedų Suomija negalėjo turėti pagal 1947 metų taikos sutartį. Dabar torpedomis bus ginkluoti keturi Hamina klasės raketiniai laivai, kurių modernizacijos sutartis jau pasirašyta.


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                      Suomijos KJP planuoja apsipirkti.

                      Priešlaivinės Harpoon ir zenitinės ESSM.


                      Raketos bus skirtos planuojamoms keturioms naujoms korvetėms ir modernizuojamiems raketiniams laivams, taip pat kranto baterijoms.


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                        Korejiečiai greitai sukasi

                        Finnish Defence Forces Media Service, the first batch of new K9 Thunder 155 mm self-propelled howitzers from South Korea has arrived in Finland.

                        Finnish Defence Force ordered 48 ex-Republic of Korea Army K9-Thunder self-propelled artillery systems in early 2017 with an option for an undisclosed number of additional systems. The K9 systems ordered by Finnish Defence Force will be overhauled and fitted with government-supplied subsystems including a battle management system (BMS), global positioning system (GPS), radios and internal communications, and camouflage.


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                          Šimtas metų suomių lauko artilerijai:


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                            Suomija perka 30 mm pabūklus iš Slovakijos savo modernizuojamoms BMP-2.
                            Finlandia kupi armaty na Słowacji



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                              Prie Pabradės 2011 m.


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