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D. Britanijos karinės pajėgos / British Armed Forces

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  • Ageing equipment puts Army at risk, MPs warn, 2021.03.14

    The Army is likely to find itself "outgunned" in any conflict with Russian forces, MPs have warned.

    In a damning report, the Commons Defence Committee described efforts to modernise the Army's fleet of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) as "woeful".

    The ageing and depleted fleet puts the Army at "serious risk" of being outmatched by adversaries, it states.

    The Ministry of Defence has promised "an upgraded, digitised and networked armoured force to meet future threats".

    In the report - entitled Obsolescent and Outgunned - the committee highlighted the "bureaucratic procrastination" and "general ineptitude" which had "bedevilled" attempts to re-equip the Army over the past two decades.

    In 1990, the UK had around 1,200 main battle tanks in its inventory - today it has 227, the report states. It said armoured vehicle capability had reached "a point of batch obsolescence, falling behind that of our allies and potential adversaries".
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    Obsolescent and outgunned: the British Army’s armoured vehicle capability

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    • Viena galingiausių pasaulio valstybių Rusiją įvardijo grėsme: kam iš tikrųjų reikia susirūpinti

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      • Britai didins savo branduolinių užtaisų skaičių:

        Integrated review: UK to lift cap on nuclear stockpile, 2021.03.17

        The UK is set to reverse plans to reduce its stockpile of nuclear weapons by the middle of the decade, as part of a foreign policy overhaul.

        The overall cap on the number of warheads will now increase to 260, having been due to drop to 180 under previous plans from 2010.

        The UK will shift focus towards Indo-Pacific countries, described as the world's "growth engine".

        And it pledges the UK will do more on the "systemic challenge" of China.


        • Britų planuose - mažint kariuomenės skaičių iki 72500 karių:

          Defence review: British army to be cut to 72,500 troops by 2025
, 2021.03.22

          Ir kiti planai:

          The size of the Army will be at its smallest since 1714 - with just 72,500 regular soldiers.

          The number of tanks will be cut from 227 to 148 upgraded ones. The RAF will lose 24 of its older Typhoon jets and its fleet of Hercules transport aircraft. And the Royal Navy will be retiring two of its older frigates early before new ones come into service.

          As part of the military restructure, the Royal Marines will be transformed into a new Future Commando Force, taking on many of the traditional tasks of the special forces - the SAS and SBS (Special Air Service and Special Boat Service).

          The force will receive more than £200m of direct investment over the next decade to carry out maritime security operations and to "pre-empt and deter sub-threshold activity, and counter state threats".

          Space is another area of investment with the Ministry of Defence to prioritise more than £6.6bn for research and development over the next four years.

          Numerous aging RAF planes will be retired, as will the oldest Chinook helicopters, while Navy frigates and destroyers drop from 19 to 17 in the coming years.

          A third of the 227 Challenger tanks will be scrapped, with the rest of the fleet being upgraded at a cost of £1.3bn.

          Among other changes announced:
          • the Army will reorganise into seven brigade combat teams
          • a newly formed Security Force Assistance Brigade will provide skills to build capacity of partner nations
          • a £2bn investment in the Future Combat Air System over the next four years
          • £1.5bn to be invested over the next decade to build a "digital backbone" to share and exploit vast amounts of data
          • the creation of the National Cyber Force based in the North West of England




            • Work starts on huge solar farm for British Army

              By George Allison

              April 10, 2021

              The British Army’s Solar Farm will be the size of 6 football pitches, say the MoD.

              The British Army say here that work has begun on their first solar farm as part of a major project expected to deliver £1million in efficiency savings and a massive reduction of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

              “The solar farm being built at the Defence School of Transport in Leconfield is the first of four photovoltaic solar farm sites to be built on the Army’s vast estate as part of Project PROMETHEUS which will increase renewable energy across the Defence Estate.When built it will cover an area the size of six football pitches and will be capable of generating up to one third of the electricity needed on site. It will produce enough power to supply much of the site’s infrastructure including the single soldiers and family’s accommodation the offices, classrooms and gym. The cost savings will be invested into Army infrastructure and help to reach the Army’s ambition of Net Zero by 2050.”

              Colonel Chris Henson, Commandant of Defence School of Transport was quoted as saying:

              “We are delighted that the Defence School of Transport site was chosen as the first solar farm site within Defence, as part of the Army’s Project PROMETHEUS. The whole organisation is working hard to become more environmentally friendly and sustainable, and it is something we are certainly focussing on at the Defence School of Transport. We acknowledge that we are a long way off becoming carbon neutral, but it is something that the Defence School of Transport Conservation Team and Defence are working towards for the future.”

              Three remaining solar farms are scheduled for construction and will be based at the Duke of Gloucester Barracks, South Cerney, Gloucestershire, Rock Barracks in Suffolk and Baker Barracks on Thorney Island, Sussex.

              All three are scheduled to be delivered by Summer 2021 with the aspiration to deliver approximately 80 more across the Army estate over the next seven years.

              Image Crown Copyright 2021.


              • U.K. reaches $2 billion deal to buy 14 Boeing Chinook helicopters





                  • Britų jūrų pėstininkų pratybos - patekimas į laivą naudojant individualų reaktyvinį įrenginį tipo "karlsonas":

                    Kas anksčiau buvo fantastika, patapo realybe.
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                    • Kokios nuomonės apie LT versija?
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                      • Originally posted by Samogitia Peržiūrėti pranešimą
                        Man pakaktų ir tokio 4 mylių (6,437 km) maršo - bėga kariai iš 29th Commando Regiment Royal Artillery:

                        Čia va visa programa aprašyta:

                        AACC: All Arms Commando Course Overview

                        Reikia "sutilpti" į 40 minučių bėgant su automatiniu šautuvu (4,1 kg) ir 9,5 kg įkrova.
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