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Kinijos Liaudies išlaisvinimo armija / Zhōngguó rénmín jiěfàngjūn / 中国人民解放军

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    Kinija 7,5 proc. didina karines išlaidas

    Kinija antradienį paskelbė, kad šiais metais 7,5 proc. padidins savo karines išlaidas.

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      Kinija bando neatsilikt nuo JAV - jos laivynas bando lazerinio ginklo prototipą:

      Chinese navy trials laser weapon, 2019.04.10

      Chinese media have reported that a prototype laser weapon is being tested by the People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN).

      An article published on 5 April on the Sina news website contains several screengrabs taken from footage broadcast by China Central Television (CCTV) showing a trainable optical device mounted on a mobile chassis with a large main lens.

      This is surmounted by two smaller devices, possibly optical and radio frequency ranging and tracking sensors. One of the images also shows an auxiliary trailer that could be used as a mobile generator, as well as Chinese troops nearby in naval uniform.

      No definitive information relating to the capability of the system has been disclosed but the Sina report suggests that a truck-mounted variant could form part of a coastal defence battery, and that a shipborne device could be an alternative to the HHQ-10 short-range surface-to-air missile system, implying that the laser-based system may have a range of about 5 km.

      China has produced several examples of road-mobile laser weapons. For instance, in late 2017 China released information about a laser weapon system that had successfully destroyed an unmanned aerial vehicle at a range of about 300 m.

      A screengrab from footage aired by CCTV showing what appears to be a prototype laser weapon being tested by the Chinese navy. Source: Via CCTV


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        Kinijos laivynas (People's Liberation Army Navy - PLAN) švenčia 70-ąsias įkūrimo metines ir tuo pačiu demonstruoja savo galią (tikrą ar tarimą - jau kitas klausimas):

        China has shown off a new type of destroyer at a celebration to mark 70 years since its navy was created.
        The BBC's Robin Brant reports from on board a training ship. The ship was one of dozens that took part in an international gathering opened by China’s President Xi Jinping to demonstrate their military might.

        A naval parade to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of China's Navy was held on April 23 near Qingdao City. The PLA Navy sent 32 vessels and 39 warplanes into six groups and 10 echelons for President Xi's inspection.

        China's navy is celebrating its 70th anniversary by showing off the first of a new generation of guided missile destroyers.
        President Xi Jinping says the navy is improving its ability to defend Chinese waters. But Taiwan and others are worried about territorial claims far from the Chinese mainland. Al Jazeera's Katrina Yu reports from Beijing.


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          Kinija į vandenį nuleido 19-ą ir 20-ą Type 052D eskadrinius minininkus:

          China Launches 19th and 20th Type 052D Guided Missile Destroyer
, 2019.05.13

          The Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company reportedly launched China’s 19th and 20th Type 052D Luyang III-class guided-missile destroyers — dubbed the “Chinese Aegis”—at the company’s shipyard in Dalian in Northeast China on May 10, according to local media reports.

          “Decked with Chinese national flags, the two Type 052D destroyers were launched in the Dalian Shipyard on Friday with the assistance of tug boats, marking the 19th and 20th of launches of their kind,” the Global Timesreported on May 12, based on information provided by the Chinese news website

          “China now has 20 Type 052Ds either in active service or being fitted out for service soon,” the Global Times adds.

          Daugiau nuotraukų čia.


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            Kinija parodys tokią ginkluotę, apie kurią buvo žinoma tik iš gandų

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              China marks the 70th anniversary of its founding with military parade - watch live


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                Parade Kinijoje – pompastiška naujausios ginkluotės demonstracija

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                Kinijoje – pompastiška naujausios ginkluotės demonstracija

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                  Kinija pristatė didžiulį karo laivą, analitikus stebina sparta

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