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            Būna ir taip: kaip beviltiškai strigusius amerikiečius Korėjos kare išgelbėjo paprasčiausi saldainiai

            Žvejyba, medžioklė, vakarėliai ar net tarnybos laikai. Senų laikų pasakojimai pagražinami taip dažnai, kad retas jų klausosi kaip tikros istorijos. Vis tik būna tokių įvykių, prie kurių nieko papildomo pridėti nebereikia. Kviečiame skaityti pasakojimą apie tai, kaip saldainiai 1950 m. Korėjos kare išgelbėjo jūrų pėstininkus...


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                  France to declassify files on Algerian war
        , 2021.03.10

                  Emmanuel Macron is to allow access to classified national defence documents from more than 50 years ago, covering France’s war in Algeria and other files previously deemed to contain state secrets.

                  The Élysée said the move, a week after the admission that French troops tortured and killed the Algerian independence activist Ali Boumendjel in 1957, sought to balance “historical truth” with legitimate “national defence issues”.

                  A recommendation to drop the secret défense classification for documents relating to the years up to 1970, particularly those pertaining to French colonisation and the Algerian conflict, was a key element in a recent report by the historian Benjamin Stora commissioned by the president.
                  Taigi nereikia stebėtis, kad mūsų kaimynas iš Rytų iki šiol kai kuriuos archyvus laiko uždarytus - tai gana paplitusi praktika:

                  In an open letter to Le Monde two months ago, a group of French archivists and historians complained about the “systematic application” of refusals to their demands for official documents on the grounds they were classified under national defence.
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                    Straipsnis apie aviacijos rolę dviejuose 1982 m. karuose - Folklendų ir Libano:

                    The Wars of Eighty-Two
          , 2007.04.01

                    The lesson was that it is hard to stop the combination of sophisticated weapons and quality training. It is a lesson that resonates even today. In 1982, Syria lacked both and was routed by the better-prepared Israeli Air Force.

                    Thousands of miles away, the performance of Argentina’s pilots—equipped with a handful of advanced weapons—was a lone bright spot in that nation’s battle against Britain over the Falklands. They were done in by geography, poor bomb maintenance, and poor leadership.

                    Britain had put together a masterful and unexpected expeditionary campaign that made the most of its advanced weapons and highly skilled troops. Britain achieved everything but air superiority around the Falklands. That flaw meant British ground and sea forces were vulnerable through the conflict.

                    A quarter of a century later, the wars of 1982 can still teach quite a bit to anyone willing to learn.
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                      BBC "long read" apie nepavykusią invaziją į Kubą 1961 m.:

                      How the Bay of Pigs invasion began - and failed - 60 years on
            , 2021.04.23

                      Sixty years after the Bay of Pigs invasion - the failed attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro's regime in Cuba - the island continues to celebrate its victory while the invaders who survived live on in the US with the satisfaction of having done their duty. BBC Mundo examines the military plan and the reality of what unfolded.